Autumn in Mount Washington Means Hungry Coyotes

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

As the rain sheeted down, I thought that just maybe fall was here. No such luck. The thermometer subsequently climbed to over ninety degrees. It was eighty degrees at night.

Oh, there were benefits to the heat. The laundry dried in minutes. My nightshade plants were tricked into another harvest. I could justify making gazpacho one more time.

But still, I wish the weather would realize it’s fall.

Dog Walking

Anna Carpenter

Mount Washington offers great trails for dog walking with stunning panoramic views of the city and the mountains. Perhaps the most popular is the dirt trail that connects all the Sea Views -- Avenue, Drive, and Lane (you can really impress lost drivers by knowing the difference between these streets!). The road has some strategically placed benches were the sunset can be enjoyed while taking a quiet break from a full day. On a clear day you can see the silver line of the ocean on the horizon, and there are always hawks balancing in the wind currents flowing from the vast vistas below.

World-Class Pet Care When You Can't Be There

Brooke White

Today’s urban lifestyle can be especially demanding, leaving you with less time at home than you’d like. Even "doggie daycare" and "cat hotels" can be inconvenient for you and uncomfortable for your pets. Now there is a solution to ensure that your pets stay happy even when you are away! LA Pet Sitting offers bonded and insured, professional pet care visits in the comfort of your own home.

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