At the bottom of the hill

Thorpe Avenue.  A street that comprehends about four blocks, if I recall correctly.  I don't even know it well enough, as I don't drive the stretch between Cypress and San Fernando Road that often.  Ours is the last house on the left before the open hillside.  It seemed like a good idea to be this close to nature.  I love hearing the birds singing in the morning, seeing the flowers growing on the dirt wall that comes into our property -- an incline made more of fairly solid rock than of actual dirt.  Yet, all kinds of vegetation are currently growing on it.

The Nature of Change

Greg Williams

Are humans, by nature, resistant to change? If we were, by nature, resistant to change, we wouldn’t date, get married, have kids, take vacations, accept a promotion or commit to the challenges of community development, yoga, the martial arts or any other social and personal disciplines. These are all examples of common changes … changes we not only do-not-resist making; but in fact, we devote tremendous amounts of our resources to making them happen.

How Do We Make the Pending Ordinance for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems More Green?

Elizabeth Herron

In very short order, (December 2010) the City of Los Angeles through the Bureau of Sanitation is mandated to adopt a revised “Memorandum of Understanding” with the State Water Resources Board regarding the operation of private sewage disposal systems, (known as Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems or OWTS).


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