Welcome President Buelna!

Natalie Seaman

This year we are welcoming Pilar Buelna as the new President of the Mount Washington Association (MWA). Pilar has been a resident and active member of the community for many years and is notable for her work with the Mount Washington PTA and the Friends of Mount Washington Elementary. We asked her onto the MWA board last year in the hopes that she would bring greater interface with the school community. She was active on the board and definitely represented the value of Mount Washington Elementary school for all residents, not just parents.

Goodbye 45th Assembly District

Carol Jacques

For as long as I can remember, I have lived in the 45th Assembly District (AD)  I was born and raised in Chavez Ravine, grew up in the Mission Junction area of Silver Lake, and have also resided in Echo Park, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights, Atwater (before it was a village) and, now, in Mount Washington. 

On Mount Washington Drive, Broken Fences Unite Neighbors

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

The view of spectacular cloud formations and misty city was distracting but the splintered fence was hard to miss. Someone driving up the winding road of blind curves and distracting vistas had smashed through both of the wooden retaining fences. Broken boards, splintered wood, white paint chips, part of an amber fog light, and a section of license plate holder littered the pathway and the dry, brown slope below.

Autumn in Mount Washington Means Hungry Coyotes

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

As the rain sheeted down, I thought that just maybe fall was here. No such luck. The thermometer subsequently climbed to over ninety degrees. It was eighty degrees at night.

Oh, there were benefits to the heat. The laundry dried in minutes. My nightshade plants were tricked into another harvest. I could justify making gazpacho one more time.

But still, I wish the weather would realize it’s fall.

Patch Blog: How a Westsider Wound Up in Mount Washington

Nina Zippay

It was almost eight years ago that I went to my first summer fun meeting hosted by the Mount Washington Association. We were living on the Westside and looking for a home to purchase. Finding nothing in our budget on the Westside but over-priced tear-downs falsely labeled as fixer-uppers – a friend suggested checking out Mount Washington. Once I realized it was a neighborhood and not a historic site near the nation’s capital I went in search of the elusive neighborhood.

Mount Washington Drive: Let Me Paint You a Picture

Zack Christensen and Antonio Villaraigosa Jr.

For so many of the residents of Mount Washington, our verdant neighborhood with its bohemian spirit and stunning vistas has been an important facet of our lives. Its collective identity holds an irreplaceable value for those of us who grew up here. So it was also for Jack Rohman. Jack, who passed away in January after a battle with schizophrenia, often spoke of a special place in his heart for Mount Washington and about his future plans for living here. We were his friends, and we propose to install a mural in his memory on the concrete bulkhead supporting Mount Washington Drive between Canyon Vista and San Rafael.

Mount Washington Mural Would Honor Individual, Community

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

I have high hopes for the youth of today.

I’ll admit that my perception might be skewed; I’m basing it on the young adults of Mount Washington, and I’m willing to acknowledge that they represent an extraordinary segment of their demographic.

A family's history remembered: Cypress Park & Mt. Washington

Some people say you don't appreciate something until its gone.   I have different story...

My mother grew up in  Cypress Park  in the 1930's.  She attended  Aragon Elementary and graduated from Lincoln High School.  In those days it was primarily an Italian neighborhood where families spoke Italian so that all the children regardless of their ethnic backgroud "spoke a little Italian."  My mother's family was English dominant and the children could understand but not speak Spanish.  In those days children were punished if they spoke anything but English.  

Occidental Solar Power Project

J. Tranquanda, Occidental College

As part of an effort to stimulate interest in alternative energy production, Occidental College is proposing the installation of a 1-megawatt solar array on two undeveloped acres of the southwest-facing slope of Fiji Hill, and on solar shade structures on an adjacent parking lot. The project would generate approximately 11% of Occidental’s annual power usage. (Electricity accounts for more than two-thirds of the College’s utility costs, and 75% of its direct carbon consumption.) The array would remove 1,250 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year – the equivalent of removing about 250 cars from the road. Half of the project’s $7.7 million cost would be covered by a rebate from the DWP.

The Repaving of Elyria Drive

Bill Rumble

Nobody on Elyria Drive can remember the last time the City repaved our street.

My neighbor Stanley claims that it was more than 85 years ago. He should know. For a year now, he's been calling the City and asking them to fix the street. He asks each city bureaucrat to look through their records and tell him the last time the road was resurfaced. None of the folks from the City can find a document authorizing the job and they've looked through more than eighty years of work orders.


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