Acoustic Remediation at La Casita Verde

Pat Griffith

Mount Washington Preschools first opened La Casita Verde in the newly restore Ziegler Estate in 2001, after a lengthy, but historically accurate renovation by the City’s CRA. The estate had been purchased by the City in 1992, with the intent to provide a child care center for NE LA. Addressing the chronic broken-windows syndrome occurring in the dilapidated mansion was a happy side-effect, and they also were able to create a transit-oriented center near the to-be-developed Southwest Museum Gold Line station.

Mount Washington Preschools Begins Acoustic Remediation Project at La Casita Verde

Pat Griffith

Mount Washington Preschools has begun an outreach campaign to rectify and remediate the volume of noise in the Preschool room at La Casita Verde. While quiet times are fully acceptable, the noise-level of 24 active 3 and 4 year-olds is noticeably loud because of the hard-surfaced, very high peaked ceiling.

La Casita Verde Child Development Center to Begin Acoustic Remediation

Pat Griffith

While everyone at La Casita Verde was aware that the Preschool Room could get really loud when all the children were fully engaged, it wasn’t until the first visit by our local Head Start agency, Kedren Community Center, that we discovered the noise level didn’t meet Head Start standards for physical surroundings. This set off a process of determining exactly how to ameliorate the acoustic effects of the room’s very high peaked ceiling in the most efficient and affordable manner possible, and so ensure that the preschoolers attending La Casita are best served.

MWPCCC’s Year-End Report

Pat Griffith

Learning about organic composting, trick-or-treating in City Hall, visiting Fluffy the Snake while on regular field trips to the Audubon Center, and literally learning to walk! These are a few of the memorable moments that our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers enjoyed this year.

La Casita Verde Halloween Party

Pat Griffith

La Casita Verde Child Care Center held their "Enchanted Forest" Halloween fundraiser on October 22 for over 100 local children under the age of eight and their families.

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