Hiking the Jack Smith Trail

Natalie Seaman

Some things are just sooo Mount Washington, and the Jack and Denny Smith walk is one of those things. For the fifteenth year in a row, on the first weekend in May, we dedicated a walk though the hill to the man who put the Mount Washington neighborhood on the map of LA. Mount Washington might have “arrived” anyway, but fact that the man who called it “the poor man’s Bel Air” told stories about this magical hill in the LA Times a generation ago, did its share to help with PR.

FOMWS - Walk Our Mountain

Do you walk the Seaview Loop, Kite Hill, Moon, Redhawk, Elyria Canyon, Mt. Washington Drive or the Glenalbyn trail anyway? Want to learn where the secret stairs are all around our mountain?

Join Friends of Mt. Washington School and bring the community together. Help get the word out about our Night of Comedy Fundraiser (April 29, 2011), the effects of LAUSD budget cuts and how the community can help.

Hike the Jack Smith Trail

Lynnette Kampe

This year the Jack Smith Trail Walk falls on May 1st as we celebrate 16 years of getting a springtime tune-up hike while fondly remembering former resident Jack Smith, the Los Angeles Times columnist who wrote with wry humor about life, the English language and his observances of Mount Washington.

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