Mount Washington Elementary School Front Garden

Lynette Kampe

For several years the front garden of the school had been in need of replanting: plants had been lost to foot-traffic from kids short-cutting across the garden through a broken fence and a gopher had taken up residence. The situation seemed hopeless until a beautiful new fence was installed last year by Chester Cahill, a school parent, and I got approval from the MWA Board for funding for new plants and gopher-guard wire baskets, providing a humane and non-toxic way to reduce the impact of the gopher. A native plant garden had been planted previously to demonstrate water conservation and provide links to learning about the connections between native plants, birds and butterflies. It was time for replanting!

Spring Cleanup

Jerry Schneider

Saturday, March 12, 9am - Noon
Meet in 3900 block of Marmion Way (just north of Figueroa Street). We will be cleaning up litter and pulling weeds to keep the new plantings from being shaded or harmed by weed whips. Please bring your own gloves, and wear sturdy shoes.

MicroFarms: Welcome to the Fun Food Revolution

Kim Ohanneson

There's a small revolution going on in Mount Washington. Like others before it, the revolution involves pitchforks and shovels, rocks and boards, blood and bone. But the staging grounds are front yards and backyards, patios and terraces, balconies and decks.

Drive Your Plants Up the Wall!

Anna Carpenter

It is inspiring to see so many solutions to the lack of growing space offered by many companies today. Actually, these walls of green are appealing even just for a splash of color on an otherwise drab wall or fence… and can provide you with some herbs and vegetables that you would not otherwise be able to harvest.

General Membership Meeting Monday, May 24, 2010, 7:30 PM

Monday, May 24, 2010, 7:30 PM
Jack and Denny Smith Community Center
Mount Washington School
3981 San Rafael Avenue

Art, Vegetables, and Cans of Worms

At the May meeting of the Mount Washington Association we will hear about the dualist art of Edem Elesh, talk about ways of bringing fresh produce to our tables, and contemplate the transformative power of earthworms. For details on all of these topics, read on.

As at every MWA meeting, there’s lots going on, everyone is welcome, and the refreshments are free!

Marmion Way Beautification Project - It is Planting Time!!!

Anna Carpenter
When: Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 8 am until 11 am

Cleland Ave. and Jessica Dr. Median Garden and Oak Trees Saved

It took a conference of City officials and employees with our community volunteers to bring about a change in a sewer project that will spare the garden and Oak Trees in the intersection median at Cleland Avenue and Jessica Drive. We need to thank Board of Public Works Commission President, Cynthia Ruiz, who chaired and facilitated the meeting and Council Member Jose Huizar and his field deputy, Amy Yaegar, who came to the aide of concerned Mount Washington community members.


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