Easy Wild Flowers for Fall Sowing

Lynnette Kampe

California poppies top the list and I’ll bring some seed packets to the next meeting, free while they last to those who attend. Other easy favorites for sunny spots are tall, pink and salmon colored Farewell-to-Spring (Clarkia unguiculata), the familiar blue spiked flowers of Arroyo Lupine, (Lupinus succulentus), and Caterpillar Flower (Phacelia cicutaria) with funny, fuzzy, curled lavender flower stems, hence the name. A petite charmer, with starling baby blue flowers is Baby Blue Eyes, (Nemophila menziesii), which likes a bit of shade. These were all were once common on Mount Washington and could return again with a little care.

On Butterflies and Other Pollinating Wildlife

Jerry Schneider

In July, I observed a Monarch butterfly finding its way to a flowering milkweed plant in Ascot Hills Park, a new nature park in the El Sereno area. The Monarch is a migratory butterfly, not a resident. It must complete its migratory cycle in its prescribed time and its larvae must feed on milkweed plants in the Asclepias genus. Many of the milkweed plants have been eliminated through development, brush clearing, and other land management activities, so the sighting of a Monarch in our urban city is a rare event.

Free Street Trees and Shade Trees

Jerry Schneider

The Million Trees LA initiative under the Mayor’s office is partnering with North East Trees to make free street trees and shade trees available to our community. The street trees are planted between the sidewalk and curb by North East Trees after forms are filled out that provide permission to plant and signify agreement to care for the trees, a responsibility of either the property owner, the property manager, or the tenant on the adjacent property. Residents can also receive free shade trees, which they must agree to plant and care for on properties within the city.

Tree of Heaven Abatement

Jerry Schneider

It is an invasive pest plant, causing many problems for local properties and in our natural open space parks. We have copies of a brochure that helps to identify and discuss this pest plant. The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, starting last fall and continuing in this fiscal year, is providing funding to have Tree of Heaven plants chemically treated by a licensed professional herbicide applicator in public parks and rights of way within the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council boundaries.

Hoping for Happy Tomatoes with Mount Washington's Microfarmers

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

The morning June gloom had long been burnt away by sunset when the Mount Washington Microfarmers and Gardening Group gathered for their most recent meeting.

Temperatures are still cool enough to encourage me to hike up "The Hill" to the meeting and to still entertain the possibility of starting a vegetable garden this year--albeit a potted one on my balcony.

Native Plant Sale

Lynette Kampe

I will bring an assortment of California plants for sale at the Summer Fun Meeting. With temperatures soaring I’ll select special native plants for this year’s sale that are well suited to container planting, or that you can slip into an irrigated shady spot or a similarly moist part of your garden. What could be easier!

More Microfarms on the Horizon

Anna Carpenter

Our first little “farm” is doing very well, and the experiment with the lasagna method of growing food has been extremely successful, so much so that seasoned local gardeners are stopping, inquiring, and then vowing to adopt it in their own plots. The best part has been that we did not dig… we just layered good stuff on top of good stuff! Or rather, good straw on top of alfalfa straw.

Micro Farm Update

Natalie Seaman

The MWA Micro Farm Group had a great meeting Saturday morning at Connie and Keith Rohman’s house and got to see for ourselves the success of last year’s project – a fabulous garden. For those of you who have been following this journey, you can tell by the photo that the results are impressive. We had a pep talk from Susan Heeger who, with co-author Jimmy Williams, recently released an inspirational book entitled “From Seed to Skillet” that provides guidance for budding home gardeners.

Lasagna Works in the Garden!

Anna Carpenter

Have you walked or driven by W. Avenue 37 lately? The boxes we planted following the experimental “lasagna” method really did fabulously well! You could almost watch those plants grow…

$930,000 State Grant awarded to Theodore Payne Foundation for Nature Education Facilities

Lynnette Kampe

I’m delighted to announce that the Theodore Payne Foundation in nearby Sun Valley has been awarded a major grant through Proposition 84, the Safe Drinking Water Bond. More than 300 non-profit organizations and governmental agencies in California applied for funding and 44 grants were awarded.


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