Food Drive

Thank You!

Bennie Padilla

Thanks to the generosity of many of our members, and to Maria Gray and Natalie Seaman who arranged for the printing and posting of the posters, the December food drive was an unmitigated success. What follows are some incredibly sweet thank-you letters from those who benefited at the N.E. Wellness Center.

Annual Food Collection for the Needy

Bennie Padilla

Employees and volunteers of the Los Angeles County Northeast Wellness Center, located at 5564 N. Figueroa in Highland Park, work hard to help others fulfill their dreams.

MWA Perpetual Food Drive

Lynnette Kampe

Please remember to bring just a small non-perishable food donation to every meeting to help the local needy. A little bit from a lot of people adds up and makes a real difference in practical terms and lets people know that our community cares. If you would like to donate a larger amount please contact me and I will arrange for pick-up or you can drop it at my house. Caring about neighbors is a big part of what makes this community special.

Donations of Food and Household Goods

Bennie Padilla

The MWA's food and household goods drop-off project was very successful. Thank you to each person who contributed to this drive at a time when there are so many local citizens in need.

MWA Food Collection

Bennie Padilla

On Saturday December 4th, the Mount Washington Association, coordinated by Maria Gray, sponsored a food collection to be distributed by the NE Mental Health and Wellness Clinics to our needy neighbors.

There weren’t a lot of donors who showed up, but those who did contribute were very GENEROUS!!!

Food Drive

Maria Gray

Holidays are all about tradition. Here in Mount Washington our tradition for many years has been to support the North East Mental Health Clinic with a Holiday Food Drive.

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