Bennie Padilla

If there is an envelope included with this newsletter, the dues that you look forward to paying each year are still due. We hope that you agree with how the money is spent to make life better for all of us. Unlike the taxes that we pay to better the politicians’ lives in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., the dollars do not go toward making our pockets bulge, the money goes toward making our neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods a better place to live. Thank you for giving and caring.

Mount Washington Association Membership Drive

Bennie Padilla

In 2010 the MWA had a database of 305 members. Of those, 202 members donated a total of $3,771.

The remaining 103 let the dues date slip by.

MWA Expenditures in 2010

Bennie Padilla and Rob Schraff

Printing and mailing of MWA Newsletter 6 times a year + envelopes

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