America Tropical

Carol Jacques

It was 1932. The Great Depression was devastating the nation. Throughout the southwest US, immigrant workers from Mexico were among those being blamed for the economic crisis. Mexicans and Americans of Mexican descent were rounded up and deported to Mexico based on the color of their skin. No questions asked.

Siqueiros Panel

Natalie Seaman

There is a mural painted by one of the most famous Mexican muralist of the last century in the heart of the city of Los Angeles and most of us know nothing about it. We have the great honor to have three folks who know all about it sharing with us at our next meeting.  The panel that will be presenting includes:


Featured Mt Washington Artist: Richard Willson

by Eliot Sekuler

Rick Willson, Artist

Authors Patt Morrison, Gwen Freeman Read at MWA Meeting, Monday 1/19

Pat Griffith

“Surfwise” by Local Director Doug Pray

Local Director Doug Pray was on hand to discuss his most recent documentary, “Surfwise”, which was shown at a free screening last week by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council in the Jack and Denny Smith Multi Purpose Room at the elementary school. This documentary has been both a critical and commercial success when it was released in May this year, and was directed by Mt. Washington resident Doug Pray.


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