La Casita Verde Child Development Center to Begin Acoustic Remediation

Pat Griffith

While everyone at La Casita Verde was aware that the Preschool Room could get really loud when all the children were fully engaged, it wasn’t until the first visit by our local Head Start agency, Kedren Community Center, that we discovered the noise level didn’t meet Head Start standards for physical surroundings. This set off a process of determining exactly how to ameliorate the acoustic effects of the room’s very high peaked ceiling in the most efficient and affordable manner possible, and so ensure that the preschoolers attending La Casita are best served.

“Viva Poetry” on the Saturdays leading up to Lummis Day

Eliot Sekular

The 2011 Lummis Day "Viva Poetry" series, to be held on three successive Saturday afternoons,
began on May 7 with an event featuring Austin Strauss and Brendan Constantine at the Autry National Center for the American West in Griffith Park.

Lummis Day Festival Returns to Heritage Square for 6th Annual Northeast L.A. Celebration, June 5

Eliot Sekular

The main stages for the sixth annual Lummis Day Festival, Sunday, June 5, will again be located at Heritage Square Museum (3800 Homer Street), where the best of home-grown Northeast L.A. music, dance, food and community resources will be presented amid the historic and architecturally significant buildings that have been preserved on the Heritage Square.

$930,000 State Grant awarded to Theodore Payne Foundation for Nature Education Facilities

Lynnette Kampe

I’m delighted to announce that the Theodore Payne Foundation in nearby Sun Valley has been awarded a major grant through Proposition 84, the Safe Drinking Water Bond. More than 300 non-profit organizations and governmental agencies in California applied for funding and 44 grants were awarded.

Mount Washington's Three Graces to be Featured at Fremont Gallery

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

Three Mount Washington artists are featured in the Fifteen Graces Show at the Fremont Gallery in South Pasadena. In Greek mythology, the Three Graces were the daughters of Zeus, and goddesses of charm, creativity and beauty.

The same qualities imbue the art of Julie Nagesh, Connie Rohman and Gilly Shaeffer. The Mount Washington artists are three of the Fifteen Graces, the newest show at Lida Chavez and Carlos Chavez-Andonegui’s Fremont Gallery in South Pasadena. Opening May 1st with an artists’ reception from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and honoring the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Women’s International History as established by the U.N., the show features work by fifteen female artists who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and countries.

For the Birds

Pat Griffith

The Arroyo Arts Collective’s site-specific installation project on the parkland of the Audubon Center at Debs Park ended on May 7 with a closing reception and auction, with music by Artichoke. The month-long project touched on a wide range of themes relating to our local birds, and was truly a unique blend of art and nature, and a rare glimpse into this urban wildlife sanctuary set in our own neighborhood. Each Saturday of the installation featured an event for all ages, allowing kids to make their own art about our feathered friends, or to talk with the artists.

Lasagna Works in the Garden!

Anna Carpenter

Have you walked or driven by W. Avenue 37 lately? The boxes we planted following the experimental “lasagna” method really did fabulously well! You could almost watch those plants grow…


Bennie Padilla

If there is an envelope included with this newsletter, the dues that you look forward to paying each year are still due. We hope that you agree with how the money is spent to make life better for all of us. Unlike the taxes that we pay to better the politicians’ lives in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., the dollars do not go toward making our pockets bulge, the money goes toward making our neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods a better place to live. Thank you for giving and caring.

Minutes of the March MWA General Membership Meeting

Bill Rumble

President Rob Schraff convened the meeting at 7:35 PM. He introduced David Fonseca, reporter for the Mount Washington/Highland Park Patch journal.

Micro Farm Update

Natalie Seaman

The MWA Micro Farm Group had a great meeting Saturday morning at Connie and Keith Rohman’s house and got to see for ourselves the success of last year’s project – a fabulous garden. For those of you who have been following this journey, you can tell by the photo that the results are impressive. We had a pep talk from Susan Heeger who, with co-author Jimmy Williams, recently released an inspirational book entitled “From Seed to Skillet” that provides guidance for budding home gardeners.


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