Mount Washington Association President Asked to Leave 'Friends' Meeting

David Fonseca

Just how much does the Highland Park/Mount Washington community support the Friends of Southwest Museum Coalition?

That very question led to a brief debate during a 'Friends' meeting at the Highland Park Ebell Club on Wednesday night, which ended in Mount Washington Association President Rob Schraff being ejected.

Pupusa Party!

Carol Jacques

Every year the Mount Washington Association hosts a Summer Fun Meeting for the community. This year the theme will be Pupusa Party. The party will be held at the Mount Washington Multipurpose Center at our local Elementary School on July 17, from 3 to 5pm.

More Microfarms on the Horizon

Anna Carpenter

Our first little “farm” is doing very well, and the experiment with the lasagna method of growing food has been extremely successful, so much so that seasoned local gardeners are stopping, inquiring, and then vowing to adopt it in their own plots. The best part has been that we did not dig… we just layered good stuff on top of good stuff! Or rather, good straw on top of alfalfa straw.

Burglaries Alert for Mount Washington

Anna Carpenter

Five residential burglaries have been reported in the Mount Washington area this week. Please forward this info to your contacts immediately so that any suspicious activity is reported to us. We need the community’s assistance to find the suspects.

Native Plant Sale

Lynette Kampe

I will bring an assortment of California plants for sale at the Summer Fun Meeting. With temperatures soaring I’ll select special native plants for this year’s sale that are well suited to container planting, or that you can slip into an irrigated shady spot or a similarly moist part of your garden. What could be easier!

Minutes of the May MWA General Membership Meeting

Bill Rumble

Matt Moses, Principal of Mimeos Solar systems spoke. His firm builds both commercial and residential solar power systems. There's a three-part process involved with installation: consultation, education, and installation.

The Repaving of Elyria Drive

Bill Rumble

Nobody on Elyria Drive can remember the last time the City repaved our street.

My neighbor Stanley claims that it was more than 85 years ago. He should know. For a year now, he's been calling the City and asking them to fix the street. He asks each city bureaucrat to look through their records and tell him the last time the road was resurfaced. None of the folks from the City can find a document authorizing the job and they've looked through more than eighty years of work orders.

President’s Message: Summer Fun Meeting 2011

Rob Schraff

It’s that summer time of year, and we’re getting ready for the summer fun meeting. This summer, we’ll be sampling the cuisine and culture of El Salvador with pupusas and a marimba band. Organized by Carol Jaques, Pilar Buelna and Natalie Seaman, the Summer Fun meeting will be held this year in and around the Mount Washington Elementary multipurpose room, so you will definitely find a comfortable pace to sit as well as a bunch of friendly neighbors to chat with.

High School #13 Named After Inspirational Latina Leader Sonia M. Sotomayor

Pilar Buelna

On May 10, 2011, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education approved the naming of High School #13 after the first Latina Supreme Court Justice of the United States Sonia M. Sotomayor.

General Membership Meeting

May 19, 2011, 7:30-9:00 PM
Jack and Denny Smith Auditorium
Mount Washington School
3981 San Rafael Avenue

We are excited to present the owner of Mimeos; Solar Energy Installers, Efficiency Consultants and Sustainability Educators. Matt Moses, the owner of this company, was referred to us by home-owners on the hill, who used his firm to get solar panels installed. Matt will focus his discussion on solar panel installation, specifically including: how solar works, what make a home a good candidate for solar, the incredible drop in prices the last few years, how rebates and tax credits work, cost, and Return On Investment (ROI), among other things.


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