General Membership Meeting

September 19, 2011, 7 - 9 PM
Jack and Denny Smith Auditorium
Mount Washington School
3981 San Rafael Ave

New Blog!

Take note, beloved friends, neighbors, and readers of all stripes. Arthur Z. Przebinda, a Mount Washington resident and wine enthusiast, writes a blog detailing his adventures exploring the keeping of a local vineyard and the making of wine. It can be found here. There is also a link to it on this site's handy-dandy Blog Page.

Patch Blog: How a Westsider Wound Up in Mount Washington

Nina Zippay

It was almost eight years ago that I went to my first summer fun meeting hosted by the Mount Washington Association. We were living on the Westside and looking for a home to purchase. Finding nothing in our budget on the Westside but over-priced tear-downs falsely labeled as fixer-uppers – a friend suggested checking out Mount Washington. Once I realized it was a neighborhood and not a historic site near the nation’s capital I went in search of the elusive neighborhood.

President’s Message

Rob Schraff

For those of us who lived through the 90’s in Mount Washington, with that decade’s focus on real-estate values, ever-bigger homes and what seemed, at least to me, like an unstated desire of some to turn Mount Washington into Bel-Air East, Nina Zippay’s recent Patch article was a delightful breath of fresh air. We have reprinted it here because Nina deftly captures what brought so many of us to Mount Washington in the first place – Mount Washington’s sense of community, an unusual brand of togetherness based on tolerance of wide differences and sincere appreciation of other points of view. I think the Mount Washington Association’s half-century of welcoming all voices has a lot do with this sense of our community and should make us all feel a little pride in that long history.

Mount Washington Drive: Let Me Paint You a Picture

Zack Christensen and Antonio Villaraigosa Jr.

For so many of the residents of Mount Washington, our verdant neighborhood with its bohemian spirit and stunning vistas has been an important facet of our lives. Its collective identity holds an irreplaceable value for those of us who grew up here. So it was also for Jack Rohman. Jack, who passed away in January after a battle with schizophrenia, often spoke of a special place in his heart for Mount Washington and about his future plans for living here. We were his friends, and we propose to install a mural in his memory on the concrete bulkhead supporting Mount Washington Drive between Canyon Vista and San Rafael.

Summer Burglaries and the Neighborhood Watch

Anna Carpenter

This summer has been a bit turbulent in terms of break-ins and car thefts, with a high spike in July. I heard about home burglaries almost daily and when I went on the crime timeline on the yellow dots sprinkled over the map and the timeline gave me a confirmation of what was happening.

On Butterflies and Other Pollinating Wildlife

Jerry Schneider

In July, I observed a Monarch butterfly finding its way to a flowering milkweed plant in Ascot Hills Park, a new nature park in the El Sereno area. The Monarch is a migratory butterfly, not a resident. It must complete its migratory cycle in its prescribed time and its larvae must feed on milkweed plants in the Asclepias genus. Many of the milkweed plants have been eliminated through development, brush clearing, and other land management activities, so the sighting of a Monarch in our urban city is a rare event.

Neighborhood Watch Information

Natalie Seaman

During the last few months in Mount Washington there appears to have been a spike in petty and not so petty crime. I live on Avenue 37 and we have had four or five incidents ranging from stolen batteries to stolen cars. We have a pretty tight community on this street but we realized recently that we have become a bit lax when it comes to security, specifically in relation to our possessions, and we have not really been paying attention to the suspicious activities taking place in the neighborhood. We needed to get together and stat! We needed a Neighborhood Watch Meeting.

Ahrens/Figueroa-Villa Named Democrats of the Year

Bill Rumble

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party recently named MWA member Paul Ahrens "Democrat of the Year" in the 45th Assembly District. Paul received his award on August 27 at the Party's annual Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner at the Sheraton Hotel near Los Angeles International Airport. The entire Ahrens family attended the dinner. Paul's wife, Anne, beamed upon seeing his smiling face come up midway through the video tribute to all award recipients. Daughters Josie and Roberta cheered another photo which showed Paul at a rally. Paul's neighbors, Bill Rumble and Carol Jacques, joined the Ahrens Family at their table and cheered along with them.

State Senator Kevin De Leon's Mount Washington Staff

Natalie Seaman

Kevin De Leon represents Mount Washington along with a diverse swath of LA Country including Hollywood, Downtown LA, Pico-Union, parts of Pasadena, etc. He has been a presence here at many local events and his staff folks are often also in the ‘hood.  Recently I caught up with Kevin and asked him, who, among his staff, is assigned to Mount Washington?


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