Minutes of the September MWA General Membership Meeting

Bill Rumble

President Rob Schraff called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.


Mount Washington Association Board - Nominees for 2012

Natalie Seaman

With the ghost of Halloween still lingering, a committee gathered to put together a MWA board for next year. A challenging hour-and-a-half later and some quick phone calls the next morning and we had a new board nominated. Of course, it was not that easy, as discussions had been going on for some time about bringing the "younger generation" into the MWA and an amazing group of activists ultimately agreed to come on the board. With strong support from an experienced "core" we are looking forward to a fun new year!

MWA Newsletter & Memberships

Bennie Padilla

The MW Association mails out approximately 350 newsletters every other month.

Easy Wild Flowers for Fall Sowing

Lynnette Kampe

California poppies top the list and I’ll bring some seed packets to the next meeting, free while they last to those who attend. Other easy favorites for sunny spots are tall, pink and salmon colored Farewell-to-Spring (Clarkia unguiculata), the familiar blue spiked flowers of Arroyo Lupine, (Lupinus succulentus), and Caterpillar Flower (Phacelia cicutaria) with funny, fuzzy, curled lavender flower stems, hence the name. A petite charmer, with starling baby blue flowers is Baby Blue Eyes, (Nemophila menziesii), which likes a bit of shade. These were all were once common on Mount Washington and could return again with a little care.

Go Green for Mount Washington School

Pilar Buelna

There’s a new group in town: the Green Team, lead by dedicated parent Libby Morris.  Every Monday morning, she and members of the Green Team stand outside the school gate with bins to collect recyclables.  You see, their goal is to raise $5,000 for the school through recycling, and in the process help the environment.

Opening Night at Maximiliano

Bill Rumble

Are you a food enthusiast living in Northeast Los Angeles? Are you weary of driving to neighboring communities in pursuit of fine dining? Good news! Maximiliano Restaurant is now open.

Autumn in Mount Washington Means Hungry Coyotes

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

As the rain sheeted down, I thought that just maybe fall was here. No such luck. The thermometer subsequently climbed to over ninety degrees. It was eighty degrees at night.

Oh, there were benefits to the heat. The laundry dried in minutes. My nightshade plants were tricked into another harvest. I could justify making gazpacho one more time.

But still, I wish the weather would realize it’s fall.

Dog Walking

Anna Carpenter

Mount Washington offers great trails for dog walking with stunning panoramic views of the city and the mountains. Perhaps the most popular is the dirt trail that connects all the Sea Views -- Avenue, Drive, and Lane (you can really impress lost drivers by knowing the difference between these streets!). The road has some strategically placed benches were the sunset can be enjoyed while taking a quiet break from a full day. On a clear day you can see the silver line of the ocean on the horizon, and there are always hawks balancing in the wind currents flowing from the vast vistas below.

Northeast Los Angeles Artists Open Their Studios for the 19th Annual Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour

The Arroyo Arts Collective

Art tours have sprouted up around the city, but the Arroyo Arts Collective’s Discovery Tour is one of the oldest — and most eclectic. Featuring a range of fine art and craft by both emerging and established artists, the Tour gives attendees the opportunity to discover and purchase amazing pieces of art and get a glimpse inside studios and homes that are just as unique as the individuals who live and work in them. From the quirky paintings by Miss Mindy to the intricate metal works by Heather McLarty; from the hand-hewn musical instruments by David Abernethy to the jewelry by Liz Smith, the Discovery Tour will delight and entice participants with its breadth of treasure.

Lummis Doors Preserved, and There Was Much Rejoicing

Historical Society of Southern California

On Sept. 18, 2011 the Historical Society of Southern California (HSSC) held a Rebirthday to celebrate the completion of the preservation work on the entry doors. The work was completed by conservator John Griswold and his staff and funded by donations from the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, Highland Park Heritage Trust, Arroyo Arts Collective, and HSSC with matching funds from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Historical Society specially recognized Frank F. Parrello, city planner and preservationist, who organized and obtained the funding for the project.


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