710 Freeway Extension

FACT SHEET  (DRAFT #1  8-09)

Memorial Bench Project

Honoring Lucy Lemmon & Pat Samson

Help install 2 benches at the top of Elyria Canyon Park (entrance on Elyria Dr. off of San Rafael) in fond remembrance of two great community members!

Authors Patt Morrison, Gwen Freeman Read at MWA Meeting, Monday 1/19

Pat Griffith

Marmion Way Beautification Project - It is Planting Time!!!

Anna Carpenter
When: Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 8 am until 11 am

Southwest Museum of the American Indian - Open House

Anna Carpenter (originally published on Facebook)

“Surfwise” by Local Director Doug Pray

Local Director Doug Pray was on hand to discuss his most recent documentary, “Surfwise”, which was shown at a free screening last week by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council in the Jack and Denny Smith Multi Purpose Room at the elementary school. This documentary has been both a critical and commercial success when it was released in May this year, and was directed by Mt. Washington resident Doug Pray.

Smith on Wry: Jack Smith, Columnist for Our Times

March 30th outing to the Huntington Library to see:

Smith on Wry: Jack Smith, Columnist for Our Times

Cleland Ave. and Jessica Dr. Median Garden and Oak Trees Saved

It took a conference of City officials and employees with our community volunteers to bring about a change in a sewer project that will spare the garden and Oak Trees in the intersection median at Cleland Avenue and Jessica Drive. We need to thank Board of Public Works Commission President, Cynthia Ruiz, who chaired and facilitated the meeting and Council Member Jose Huizar and his field deputy, Amy Yaegar, who came to the aide of concerned Mount Washington community members.

Red Flag Towaway Days Are Coming

The Fire Dept. has told us that they will begin to enforce the new Red Flag Day Towaway ordinance (# 177215) in August, so we need to prepare ourselves for this period.  Typically, any year has approximately 10 Red Flag days within the City of LA (as opposed to LA County), and many streets within Mt. Washington are affected, principally on the East side of Mt. Washington and in the Five Points area.

New Supermarkets Serving Mt. Washington

While the Albertson’s on Ave. 45 & Figueroa has been shut for some time, and we’ve just learned that the Albertson’s on Eagle Rock Blvd will also close, we do have some good news regarding new markets opening nearby.

Committee members have been in contact with Superior Markets, due to reopen a new supermarket at the Ave. 45 & Figueroa site, and renovations are currently underway.  Expected opening date is around September.


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