Who Is Jack Smith, Exactly?

Nina Zippay

Last month I attended a dinner party set amongst the hills of Mount Washington. In the company of several more “veteran” Mount Washingtonians I was bold enough to confess that, although I knew the name Jack Smith (how could one not living where we do?), I had never read anything by the man. I’m proud to say I live among the civilized, for I was not immediately thrown out on my ear.

Crime Fighting Resources and E-Policing

Rob Schraff

Your Mount Washington Association has been active this year on the public safety front, hosting LAPD Neighborhood Watch public outreach officers to guide us through the process of creating Neighborhood Watches, and working with the ASNC to attempt to get Neighborhood Watch signs. We are also lucky, even with recent modest surges in property crime, that Mount Washington remains a relatively low crime neighborhood.

Crime Report

Anna Carpenter

During the holiday season the biggest concern seemed to be keeping the UPS, Fedex, and other packages from being stolen, since there were people following the delivery trucks. In fact, thieves were caught on video (again by Eric on Glenalbyn) checking out his neighbor’s front door, then taking down one of his cameras. (You can check out the surveillance video on the MWA Facebook page, if you wish.)

Science Is Cool at Mount Washington School

Sharen Steele-Herran

When the first round of cuts to education surfaced, among the first programs that suffered were the school assemblies. Those of us who grew up enjoying the music and arts that were a school tradition know the educational value these assemblies provided.

Letter from the Editor: Enjoy Writing About Mount Washington? Send Us Articles!

Beloved reader, we here at the august offices of the MWA Newsletter know which way the wind blows, and with the election (or infusion, if you will) of new management-y blood, the wind blows towards change. Of the many difficulties we face, there are three issues that demand immediate solution: (1) The website is not perfect. Sorry. Our bad. (2) Membership dues are difficult to extract with paper envelopes. Some sort of internet arrangement is required. See 1.

Green Fun and Good Exercise

Lynnette Kampe

On the third Saturday of each month, come enjoy the company of your neighbors and the peaceful connection with nature by helping to preserve and enhance one of our most special Mount Washington green places.

November Meeting Announcement

Mount Washington Association Meeting
November 21, 2011 7:30 - 9
Jack and Denny Smith Auditorium
Mount Washington School
3981 San Rafael Ave

On Mount Washington Drive, Broken Fences Unite Neighbors

Kim Axelrod Ohanneson

The view of spectacular cloud formations and misty city was distracting but the splintered fence was hard to miss. Someone driving up the winding road of blind curves and distracting vistas had smashed through both of the wooden retaining fences. Broken boards, splintered wood, white paint chips, part of an amber fog light, and a section of license plate holder littered the pathway and the dry, brown slope below.

President’s Message

Rob Schraff

When I joined the Mount Washington Association some 20 years ago, I never imagined I would attend meetings, much less become more involved. I thought the Association was something like a homeowner’s group, and while I wanted to support the community, I was also aware of the sad history of homeowner’s groups, redlining and the rise of the radical right here in Southern California. Proposition 13 is perhaps the most unfortunate example of this history, at least after desegregation and bussing controversies.

Annual Food Collection for the Needy

Bennie Padilla

Employees and volunteers of the Los Angeles County Northeast Wellness Center, located at 5564 N. Figueroa in Highland Park, work hard to help others fulfill their dreams.


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