FOMWS - Walk Our Mountain




Do you walk the Seaview Loop, Kite Hill, Moon, Redhawk, Elyria Canyon, Mt. Washington Drive or the Glenalbyn trail anyway? Want to learn where the secret stairs are all around our mountain? 

Join Friends of Mt. Washington School and bring the community together.  Help get the word out about our Night of Comedy Fundraiser (April 29, 2011), the effects of LAUSD budget cuts and how the community can help.

Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 3:00 PM
Meet in front of Mt. Washington Elementary School

Divide and Conquer: we will be putting flyers on doors/doorsteps, chatting with our neighbors, exploring the neighborhood and working it!

We need your help!

Your body will thank you!

So will our kids!

For more information please contact Abby Walsh at or for more information about us, go to

See you there!

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