Interim Control Ordinance in Mt. Washington

The City Planning and Land Use Management committee is currently considering draft language proposed by Councilmember Reyes and then-Councilmember Villaraigosa, which would create an Interim Control Ordinance for some ridgeline and hillside areas in Mt. Washington, Glassell Park, Montecito Heights and El Sereno.  Testimonies from many were heard on Sept. 6, and revisions to the draft are expected shortly.

Within Mt. Washington (and Glassell Park), the areas included would now have a temporary measure regulating grading and native tree protection.  The existing Mt. Washington/Glassell Park Specific Plan will remain, and the new ordinance will work in conjunction with that. The other included areas in Montecito Heights and El Sereno currently do not have a Specific Plan, and for these limited hillsides, the ICO will create temporary regulations regarding subdivision density and maximum floor area ratios, similar to those covered in our Specific Plan.  The Interim Control Ordinance will remain in place from 12-24 months. During this time, a more permanent solution will be developed to address over-building in the included hillsides, and plans can be put forward to preserve the open space that is so characteristic of our community.

The ICO is not a moratorium on building in these areas.  It is not permanent, and does not involve eminent domain. It will not affect development that has already entered the City Planning Dept.  It is the start of a very public process to address quality and safe building in Northeast Los Angeles.

Within Mt Washington, the ICO would cover two areas:

The first includes the open hillside south of Ave. 37, the properties along Cliff Drive down to Future Street, the open space surrounding Mt. Washington Drive and connecting across the southeastern end of Ave. 37 to Glenalbyn, Beech and James St.  Excluded are Vista Glorioso Dr., all the developed properties along Isabel, Randall Court and much of Killarney.

The second area starts on the eastern side with the Southwest Museum, all the hillside areas east of Crane down towards Highland Park, including Cross Ave., the canyons from Glenalbyn to Crane, beginning approximately north of Carlin G. Smith Rec. Center, the areas surrounding San Rafael from the school to Moon Ave. and the areas surrounding the fire road Seaview Drive, including Red Hawk Canyon, and an additional portion of the western side of San Rafael.  Excluded are the properties south of the fire road Seaview Ave.

Maps of the included areas can be found on the bottom of CD14’s website at:

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