High Speed Rail in Our Neighborhood?

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) is proposing high-speed rail (HSR) for travel between major metropolitan areas of California. The service would run from San Diego in the south to the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, travelling the 430 miles from LA to SF in 2 hrs and 40 mins and for an estimated cost of half a Southwest Airlines flight.  The proposed alignment for the Los Angeles to Palmdale segment will travel along the existing rail lines along San Fernando Road through Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, and San Fernando, before continuing through the Santa Clarita Mountains and into Palmdale.  The project’s financing is coming from five different sources:  On a state level from Proposition 1A, a $9.95 billion bond measure that voters passed in November 2008.  About $8 billion in federal funds for transportation projects are coming in from the stimulus package but rail planners won’t know until October how much will come to California from the initial cut.   Additionally, Obama is earmarking $1 billion a year in the federal budget for HSR projects. (San Diego Business Journal Aug. 10, 2009) 

How will this affect Rio de Los Angeles State Historic Park (Taylor Yard), Confluence Park where the Arroyo and the LA River meet, LA State Historic Park (the Cornfields), the long-planned improvements to the LA River, noise, and our access to our hard-won amenities?  Obviously, much of this will be worked out in detail, through both detailed engineering and planned community input.  Current proposals for this area are for both the new HSR and Metrolink to be in a 30’ trench, with some covered areas allowing access and landscaping (cut and cover).  There are two proposed alignments for the northern end of Taylor Yard, one following the existing Metrolink lines and the other along San Fernando road.  A lot of detail can be found on the CHSRA website:


A 3D simulation showing possible alternate routes through the Taylor Yard area in Los Angeles, California can be seen at http://www.cahighspeedrail.ca.gov/gallery.aspx

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