World-Class Pet Care When You Can't Be There

Brooke White

Today’s urban lifestyle can be especially demanding, leaving you with less time at home than you’d like. Even "doggie daycare" and "cat hotels" can be inconvenient for you and uncomfortable for your pets. Now there is a solution to ensure that your pets stay happy even when you are away! LA Pet Sitting offers bonded and insured, professional pet care visits in the comfort of your own home. Pets remain in their familiar surroundings, maintaining their diet and exercise routines, and you will have peace of mind knowing that checking in on them is as easy as a phone call or email. The convenience and advantages to you and your pets are unbeatable! Services include in-home dog, cat, bird, fish & small animal care, dog walks and hikes, and care of elderly and special needs pets. A variety of service and pricing options are available--from twenty-minute visits to overnight stays. Visit to learn more and to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Brooke White, owner and operator of LA Pet Sitting, is dedicated to keeping all animals safe, healthy and happy. With 15 years of experience providing her pets all of the best care possible, Brooke also volunteers with Best Friends LA Brigade to help our less fortunate local animals and assists smaller local animal rescue organizations. She has donated art to the PAWS LA charity auction and is a regular contributor to their website with a column called "Pet Fun Facts" ( She has been a resident of Los Angeles for more than 9 years and a local business owner since 2006. Brooke resides in Mount Washington with two very special cats, Mozzo and Stanley.



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