Tree of Heaven Abatement

Jerry Schneider

It is an invasive pest plant, causing many problems for local properties and in our natural open space parks. We have copies of a brochure that helps to identify and discuss this pest plant. The Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, starting last fall and continuing in this fiscal year, is providing funding to have Tree of Heaven plants chemically treated by a licensed professional herbicide applicator in public parks and rights of way within the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council boundaries. These efforts will be focusing on Elyria Canyon, Rainbow Canyon, and Stahr parks in Mount Washington. A companion program is focusing on private properties. Tree of Heaven, Image by Paul Wray, Iowa State UniversityBecause public funding is restricted to public lands, the owners of the private properties are being asked to fund abatement efforts on their own property. We are coordinating and have a group rate from the same licensed herbicide applicator currently working for many local agencies. This program just began this summer, and is gaining momentum. More than fifteen individual properties have been treated, including a significant portion of the Self Realization Church headquarters. Timing is critical, as the herbicide only works when the plants are actively growing. Winter dormancy can start as early as mid October. If you have these pest plants on your property and would like more information, please contact Jerry Schneider, (323) 225-2748.


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