Thank You!

Bennie Padilla

Thanks to the generosity of many of our members, and to Maria Gray and Natalie Seaman who arranged for the printing and posting of the posters, the December food drive was an unmitigated success. What follows are some incredibly sweet thank-you letters from those who benefited at the N.E. Wellness Center.

1st Letter!

To Our Dear Mount Washington Residents:Pictured above are Greg Williams, Carol Jacques, & Bennie Padilla and much of the food that was donated through the generosity of our Mount Washington residents. Thank you so much for your sharing.

I went through a lot last year. Losing my job, my car, not having any income. Thanks to all of you, this Christmas we had a delicious turkey that my mom cooked, milk, beans, and vegetables, among other good things.

Your generosity is the gift that I received from God this last year. Without all of your generosity I would not have been able to afford a turkey for Christmas. People like you, it's what keeps this country going. I have hope that our great country will recover. I have the will to recover myself. You are what America is all about. Thank you


Paul Tapia

2nd Letter!

Dear People:

Thank you so much!!! We enjoyed everything!

Thank You,

The Zuniga Family

3rd Letter!

Thank you for the Christmas food you gave me and my wife and her son and her granddaughter Collean.

Thanks to the Mount Washington Association and the N.E. Wellness Center, I and my new family were able to have a wonderful Christmas dinner. It really made our Christmas. Like a lot of people it was near the end of the month and we were struggling. No one got presents. We as a family were together on Christmas with the abundance of food you provided us. For that I am eternally grateful...You guys made our Christmas.

Thanks a million,

Jesse Cardena

4th Letter!

Dear Mount Washington Assoc. & Wellness Center:The volunteers at the N.E. Wellness Center who came to the office when it is normally closed to help unload the food and the other items that had filled up the van.

With appreciation we thank you for the Christmas food bag that you most graciously gave our family.

We are a family of four and are encountering unemployment, disability, and various health problems. Due to these and lack of money, planning a Christmas dinner was not our priority. We have learned to be appreciative and thank the Lord daily for our blessings. Your food gift was a blessing to us. It not only provided for one meal, but for several other meals too. Again, our most sincere thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness.


Enriqueta Camargo

Rosemaria M.

George D. Camargo

M. Camargo

5th Letter!

I and my family would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. We really appreciate the food. We have been having major financial difficulties and had an empty refrigerator.

The food we received filled our refrigerator for the holidays. It was a blessing.

Thank you

Cathy Camacho

6th Letter!

These words are being sent out to you very special people. Out of the kindness of your heart you decided to help those of us in need. You may not realize how much your kind donation means to us, but it is very significant. We may not be able to repay you for such a great display of kindness, but our words of thanks are said in gratitude and appreciation.


Angy & Linnie


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