Siqueiros Panel

Natalie Seaman

There is a mural painted by one of the most famous Mexican muralist of the last century in the heart of the city of Los Angeles and most of us know nothing about it. We have the great honor to have three folks who know all about it sharing with us at our next meeting.  The panel that will be presenting includes:

  • Luis Garza, a young activist who grew up in New York and moved to LA in the 1970s as a UCLA student, and became involved in the Latino activist movement. Luis was a photographer who documented many of the seminal events of the Latino rights movement in the 70s in our city. In 1971, he got an invitation to go to Budapest, Hungary for the 3rd International World Peace Conference. He went and had the opportunity of a lifetime, to interview and photograph the great Siqueiros, not in the role of an artist, but in the role as an activist. They were a few days that marked his life. And we will hear about it.
  • Carol Jacques, a Mount Washington resident, has spent her public life involved in the politics and culture of the City of Los Angeles. She was born in Chavez Ravine and her family was affected by much of the "anti-Mexican"  history in our city. As a young woman she became an activist and was immersed in the Latino Rights Movement. "Fast forward" to 2003 – her children were adults, she was retired and she was tapped by the mayor to take a position as the Commissioner of Olvera Street, which included the Siqueiros Mural. She became obsessed with bringing it back. She will share the background and what the mural means to Los Angeles history.
  • Mark Valen is an artist, a social realist, whose take on Siqueiros is in the guise of the activist artist.  Mark will provide the context for the role that the mural played in the LA art world in the 30s and discuss who was involved in the production of the mural.

The names of the LA artists who worked on the mural are both surprising and recognizable and they provide great perspective.

Come join us and get up to speed on the history of our city.


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