Science Is Cool at Mount Washington School

Sharen Steele-Herran

When the first round of cuts to education surfaced, among the first programs that suffered were the school assemblies. Those of us who grew up enjoying the music and arts that were a school tradition know the educational value these assemblies provided. 

This year Mount Washington Elementary (MWE), in partnership with the Friends of Mount Washington School (FOMWS) and the PTA, is bringing assemblies back, as part of an entire science event. On January 13, our Science Assembly, sponsored by FOMWS, will kick off the event featuring Astronomical Journeys.

On January 25, the theme continues with Family Science Night. This will be an evening event in which MWE teachers and guests set up stations to introduce and discuss different science concepts.  For a nominal fee, join the PTA for dinner prior to the event. 

Our science themed event will culminate on February 3 with our Annual Stargazing Night, sponsored by FOMWS and coordinated by PTA, featuring Astronomical Journeys. This is a free event open to the community.  

Astronomical Journeys will be setting up several human-size telescopes and cameras. The instructors will share their knowledge with students, families and the community. For your enjoyment, the PTA has invited food trucks, and will have baked goodies. You’ll be able to get yourself the latest MWE T-shirt. All proceeds from food and merchandise sales help support programs for our school.


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