President’s Message: Summer Fun Meeting 2011

Rob Schraff

And now for the fun part!

It’s that summer time of year, and we’re getting ready for the summer fun meeting. This summer, we’ll be sampling the cuisine and culture of El Salvador with pupusas and a marimba band.  Organized by Carol Jaques, Pilar Buelna and Natalie Seaman, the Summer Fun meeting will be held this year in and around the Mount Washington Elementary multipurpose room, so you will definitely find a comfortable pace to sit as well as a bunch of friendly neighbors to chat with. A few of us got to sample these tasty delights, and I have a new favorite dish, curtido, a cabbage relish that is pickled, but can still be made the same day (although even tastier if made the day before). A fantastic, salty-sour crunch accompanies every bite of fluffy pupusa and tasty filling. Make sure to mark your calendars!

We will also have guests at the meeting, including Occidental College, who will have a table to provide information and talk to you about their solar project and community-wide solar power offer. Board member and Theodore Payne Director Lynette Kampe will also be running a native plant sale. I’m looking forward to picking up a few more specimens Lynette – thanks for all of your hard work! The Friends of Mount Washington Elementary will have a table, with president and MWA board member Pilar Buelna on hand to keep you up to date on school happenings. You can also congratulate Pilar and Carol for their efforts in naming the Sonia Maria Sotomayor Learning Center. Way to go Pilar and Carol!

In other news, the Mount Washington Micro Gardens project continues to garner well-deserved attention from Patch – as well as our articles here. Anna Carpenter, Natalie and a whole group have made “one front yard at a time” their mantra, and their work and community building spirit has resulted in a growing movement.

Bring your family, your appetite and your marimba moves. I’ll see you there.


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