President’s Message: Gloria Molina & Going Solar

Rob Schraff

Gloria Monday, September 19th

Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina will be joining us for our September Membership meeting, where she will be discussing her latest cultural initiative - La Plaza de Cultura y Artes. This is a wonderful new institution designed to highlight Latino Los Angeles, past and present, and is, shockingly, the first of its kind.

Supervisor Molina will be talking about the mission and history of this effort in September, and for those who would like more about the opening, the L.A. Times has published an excellent article titled “A window into the past,” by  Reed Johnson – so I will not in any way “steal the supervisor’s thunder,” here. (As if anyone who knew Gloria would imagine such a thing possible.)

I will say that what I find very interesting about La Plaza de Cultura y Artes is that it owns no collection, or building, and has a fairly small budget. It has a long-term agreement for the building, borrows art and artifacts from other institutions, and therefore can mount impressive exhibits and events covering the whole history of Latino culture and art in L.A. with minimal resources. It’s simply a great example of community, county and state cooperation.

Make sure you plan on joining us in September for much more from Supervisor Molina on this wonderful new cultural resource.

Solar Controversy, Solar Solutions

As you may be aware, solar power continues to be controversial in Northeast LA, with a few residents continuing to complain about the Broadview solar project, which was supported by general membership meeting vote of your Mt. Washington Association. These largely aesthetic complaints (one local was quoted in the LA Weekly as saying, “It looks like crap,”) have led to the suggestion of an L.A. City Interim Control Ordinance, which may lead to an issue with existing state laws guaranteeing your solar power rights.

This month, we look at another side of the urban solar power issue, home installations, which have become increasingly cost-effective and may even save significant money as well as providing green power. We’ve arranged a presentation by a local solar contractor, and will also look at a recently completed solar installation at the home of a long-term member.  Find out more about why solar is greener, cheaper, smarter, and here to stay in L.A. – come to the May meeting.


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