President’s Message

Pilar Buelna

It was 1983 and I was a freshman at Sacred Heart High School in Lincoln Heights when I was first introduced to Mount Washington by a friend, whose family were long-time residents.  The winding, narrow road and the trees that lead to her house were a world apart from my 90 minute RTD ride from South Los Angeles. Her house was tucked in somewhere on Jessica Drive, with a breathtaking view of Downtown LA.  It was love at first sight and when it came time to buy a house, it couldn’t be anywhere else. Mount Washington has been home to my husband Gabriel, our three daughters and me for thirteen years. 

I am proud to serve, and I look forward to the year ahead as the Mount Washington Association (MWA) president. I would like to thank Rob Schraff for his two years of leadership and commitment to the MWA and for sitting with me to “teach me the ropes.” I am glad he will continue to be very active as a member of the Communications Committee.

We had a busy, fruitful year in 2011 and 2012 only promises to be even busier. Our 2012 Board is a wonderful balance of new and seasoned members who are both dedicated and passionate about our community. This year, our goal is to continue being a viable source of information and resource to our membership and community.  We will work to bring more resources to our community, provide relevant information on issues such as re-districting, safety, and being green, and we will work on building a stronger partnership with our neighborhood school. We want to get members excited and involved in our different events/initiatives, and ask that they reach out to others to introduce them to our MWA.

Undoubtedly, the Communications Committee will play a key role in accomplishing this goal as it will be tasked with keeping up with current issues and opportunities, finding new writers, updating our data base, revamping our Website and turning our Newsletter into an E-Newsletter for those of us who also want to receive information via e-mail. But don’t panic, we will continue to publish our paper Newsletter as there is much to be said for its old school charm.  

Our Association is only as strong as its membership, so I invite you to reach out to our MWA elected leadership with any questions, suggestions or ideas that can get us closer to our goal. You may also contact me directly at or (323) 243-9340.

Thank you for your support and involvement in the Mount Washington Association.  I look forward to an exciting and successful year.

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