President’s Message

Rob Schraff

Making a Difference

For those of us who lived through the 90’s in Mount Washington, with that decade’s focus on real-estate values, ever-bigger homes and what seemed, at least to me, like an unstated desire of some to turn Mount Washington into Bel-Air East, Nina Zippay’s recent Patch article was a delightful breath of fresh air. We have reprinted it here because Nina deftly captures what brought so many of us to Mount Washington in the first place – Mount Washington’s sense of community, an unusual brand of togetherness based on tolerance of wide differences and sincere appreciation of other points of view. I think the Mount Washington Association’s half-century of welcoming all voices has a lot do with this sense of our community and should make us all feel a little pride in that long history.

However… there’s always more to do, and I can also tell you that “just” organizing the meetings and newsletters are no small tasks. (Not huge tasks, to be sure, but not small either!) So your Mount Washington Association is always looking for members willing to step forward and spend a few hours a month keeping the Association rolling along and serving as a forum for full and open discussion of community issues by serving as a member of the board. I will be forming a nomination committee to be announced in the September meeting, and I urge you to speak to its members or me if you, your friends or neighbors might enjoy working with a congenial group of people with a long history of making a difference in our community. My phone number is on the masthead, and my e-mail address is

Remembering Jack Rohman

Jack Rohman’s extended family is raising money for a mental health charity, Rethink, which supports young people with schizophrenia and their families.  The link to the charity is here, and includes the family’s favorite picture of Jack.  Please help if you can in memory of one of Mount Washington’s own. 


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