Potential Leadership for Our Children’s New High School

Pat Griffith

Construction for the new high school (Central Region High School #13) on San Fernando Road is nearly completed, and selection of the instructional approaches is in the final stage.  This new campus will relieve overcrowding at Marshall, Eagle Rock and Franklin high schools, and we understand that Mount Washington teenagers will be included in the catchment area for this school. The school is built to contain five Small Learning Communities (SLC) of approximately 500 students in grades 9-12 each.  Each of these SLC will have their own administration, staff and pupils, although sports and some other classes may be shared.

There have been 6 applicants for the 5 schools located at this single campus – 2 charter schools already in existence, and 4 new teacher-led initiatives to operate as Pilot schools.  Each of these applicant teams bring a strong commitment to provide quality education for our children. Our opinion as parents and community members is critical to the selection and success of our children’s education. 

  • To learn more about the process and review each team’s Executive Summary, there will be a meeting on:

Thursday, Jan. 20, 6pm
Irving Middle School Auditorium
3010 Estara Ave, 90065

  • The Applicant Teams will hold presentations for the Community on:

Monday, Jan. 24, 6pm
Irving Middle School Auditorium
3010 Estara Ave, 90065

  • The actual Advisory Vote will take place on:

Saturday, Jan. 29
9am – 3pm
Irving Middle School Cafeteria
3010 Estara Ave, 90065

Plans submitted by teams to lead CRHS#13 are posted on the Public School Choice website.

  • Public School Choice Website (PSC 2.0)


  • PSC 2.0 Evaluation Rubric


The following teams and charter organizations have submitted a plan:

  • Alliance College Ready Public Schools (Technology and Math and Science High School) to operate an independent Charter school
  • Paul Payne/Kristin Szilagyi (The Los Angeles River School) to operate a Pilot school
  • Tara Alton (School of Technology Business and Education) to operate a Pilot school
  • Partnerships to Uplift Communities LA to operate an independent Charter school
  • Meredith Ryley (School of History & Dramatic Arts) to operate a Pilot school
  • Teri Klass (ARTLAB - Arts and Community Empowerment) to operate a Pilot school



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