Neighborhood Watch Information

Natalie Seaman

During the last few months in Mount Washington there appears to have been a spike in petty and not so petty crime.  I live on Avenue 37 and we have had four or five incidents ranging from stolen batteries to stolen cars.  We have a pretty tight community on this street but we realized recently that we have become a bit lax when it comes to security, specifically in relation to our possessions, and we have not really been paying attention to the suspicious activities taking place in the neighborhood.  We needed to get together and stat!  We needed a Neighborhood Watch Meeting.

Fortunately, we have a representative of the CPA (Community Policing Advisory Board) on our street, Alan Bertha.  Alan led the effort to get the neighborhood together – he bribed us with promises of his famous coconut cake for refreshments!  In all seriousness, it was time for us to get in a proactive, preventative mode - and to call in the LA Police to help.

About 25 of us gathered at Alan's home and had a good Neighborhood Watch session including:

  • The collection of up-to-date contact information.
  • An overview of the crime activities in our neighborhood and information on contacting the LAPD by our SLO (Senior Lead Officer) Leo Ray.
  • A review of the home security systems available on the marketplace provided by Alan.
  • A discussion of where we would put up our Neighborhood Watch Signs.

At the end of the meeting, we all felt we had made a good start in being more alert.  Our SLO assured us that our timing could not be better considering the financial difficulties in the state leading to the release of numerous gang members back into the community.


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