Native Plant Sale

Lynette Kampe

I will bring an assortment of California plants for sale at the Summer Fun Meeting. With temperatures soaring I’ll select special native plants for this year’s sale that are well suited to container planting, or that you can slip into an irrigated shady spot or a similarly moist part of your garden. What could be easier!

I’ll bring a sample assortment of tough, showy, and/or shade and garden adaptable stream-side plants that have a good chance to do well when planted now. Visit my sale early for the best selection and take your plants home with you from the meeting. I’ve offered free delivery in the past but this year we’ll keep it simple: it will be first come, first served, and I’ll just hold sold plants until the end of the meeting for you to take with you right away. No deliveries this year! Just cash and carry! $10 for most one gallon plants; checks are welcome and should be made out to the Mount Washington Association.

I’ll also take special orders. Call me at 323-221-1782 if you know what you want and I’ll try to have a few examples in stock. For inspiration visit and look at the pictures form the spring garden tour under Special Events/Garden Tour. You might want to look at the schedule of classes or order a book from the on-line store. Summer is not the optimal time for planting but it is a great time for planning!

The plants will all come from my favorite nursery: The Theodore Payne Foundation at 10452 Tuxford St. in Sun Valley. I will be charging a 10% mark-up and profits will benefit Mount Washington Association beautification efforts. If you want to come into the nursery to see all the choices and buy directly, I suggest you consider becoming a member. You’ll know that you are supporting a great non-profit organization and you’ll qualify for a variety of discounts and benefits too.

Native plants use an average of a seventh of the water non-native landscaping and outdoor water use accounts for, which can be up to 70% of residential water use. So, to quote Mr. Payne, “Be a good Californian: be loyal to your own state and keep your landscape Californian by planting trees, shrubs and flowers of California.”



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