MWA Food Collection

Bennie Padilla

On Saturday December 4th, the Mount Washington Association, coordinated by Maria Gray, sponsored a food collection to be distributed by the NE Mental Health and Wellness Clinics to our needy neighbors.

There weren’t a lot of donors who showed up, but those who did contribute were very GENEROUS!!!

The MWA also contributed 10 $15.00 gift cards from Food 4 Less.

On December 13, I visited the N.E. Wellness Center to make sure that they had received the Gift Cards. One of the workers at the Wellness Center introduced me to three of the many recipients who had received some of the donated goods and they were so appreciative that they gave me an envelope containing "Thank You" letters. There is not enough room to print them all, but these are a couple that really tugged at my heart:

Dearest Mount Washington Association:

I am sending my heart to you to show you that your great kindness has touched it. It is a great act of kindness on your behalf to provide such wonderful donations.

It has not been very easy these days to find the money to even buy the necessities of life, so I send you a big THANK YOU!! for all you've done.

With Deepest Appreciation, Linnie

To the Mount Washington Association,

I really want to show my appreciation for all the food that was donated to the Wellness Center. I want to say thanks and also I’m sure that this food donated to us will go to people that really need it. It won’t go to waste. This food shows how kind you are and also shows love. It’s been so difficult for us because of the hard times we are facing right now.

Thanks again,



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