Mount Washington PTA Brings in the New School Year 2010-2011

Pilar Buelna, PTA President

It is only two months into the new school year and the Mount Washington PTA has already held two of its biggest events of the year: the Annual Pancake Breakfast and the Pumpkin Festival.

The Annual Pancake Breakfast celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary this September.  Parents, students, community members and leaders enjoyed pancakes while the PTA promoted parental involvement via volunteerism and membership. Others, like the LA Conservation Corps and the local Girl Scout Troop, provided beautiful trees and the Friends of Mt. Washington (FOMW) showcased their Garden Committee and Produce Collective.

In October the Pumpkin Festival was brought back by popular demand.  Again, parents joined forces to provide fun-filled booths of face-painting, pumpkin-painting, fishing for food and our very own haunted house for all to enjoy. The community was welcomed and many of our alumni stopped by to lend their support and catch up with one another.

This summer parents received the news that Mount Washington would be getting a new principal and an interim principal was assigned. In a unique move from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), parents are being included in the selection process of our new principal. During the month of November, a committee consisting of three teachers, two school staff and three parents will be interviewing three candidates and making a recommendation of the top candidate to LAUSD. In December Mount Washington students and parents look forward to welcoming our new principal. 

As we hear that more budget cuts are coming, the PTA continues to focus on fundraising through its annual Direct Appeal “Change for Change.”  Last year with the help of our parents, community and FOMW we raised $75,000 to cover, among other things, teacher’s aides’ salaries, physical education classes, field trip buses, and an after school homework aide. This year we are working hard to do the same and ask our community to dig into their pockets and donate whatever they can to our school.

The Mount Washington PTA is well aware that we are fortunate to have parents and community members supporting our PTA year after year and we look forward to working together to make this another exceptional year for our children.

For up-to-the-minute news on the Mount Washington PTA or to make a donation to this year’s Direct Appeal “Change for Change” please go to


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