The Mount Washington Outpost - What Is It?

Natalie Seaman

Over the summer, at a point between Figueroa and Marmion Way, something was happening.  A painting, a mural, what?  When it was done it said “Mount Washington Outpost” and it had a collection of icons, masks, skeletons, pretty pictures – what did it mean?  I had to ask.

I stopped by, one Saturday morning, and fortunately met the proprietor of this new business, Robert Hernandez.  He explained to me that his family owned the property and he had a chance to do something with it. He decided to use this site to showcase his collection of vintage Items that looked to be primarily from the middle of the last century – 1950 on – but he says that he is open to anything vintage. He is one of those folks that can find amazing items at garage and estate sales. For now, he sells, trades and buys those items; he does consignment sales also. He invites others to stop by and join him in selling vintage items that they may have, no notice required. 

I looked around and he had some fun and affordable items and also some items that looked like they might be a be a bit more pricey, like 60's era children's toys.

It looks like the kind of shop that will have something different each time you stop by, all of it interesting and tempting. He is currently open Saturdays and Sundays and some bit of the day on weekdays – but watch for the hours to expand.

One more thing, he also owns Zepplin Music on York near Ave. 50 where he sells vintage musical instruments. I have not checked this out yet, but it seems like he is bringing interesting items to the "hood".


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