Mount Washington Association Membership Drive

Bennie Padilla

In 2010 the MWA had a database of 305 members.  Of those, 202 members donated a total of $3,771.

The remaining 103 let the dues date slip by.

As of March 3, 2011, 101 members have donated a total of $2,217.  Some have been very generous.

204 members have not yet paid.

This is a gentle reminder that the time has come to restock the kitty so that we may continue to be contributing members of our community.

The Association supports many local groups and events including:

  • Aldama Street School
  • The Friends of Mt. Washington Elementary School
  • La Casita Verde's Lummis Day
  • Avenue 50 Studio
  • Food and other items for charity organizations
  • Summer Fun Day
  • The Jack and Denny Smith Walk (refreshments)
  • MWA General Meetings
  • Printing and mailing of the Newsletter.

Do you have additional ideas for projects that we might be involved in to better our community?

Please share your ideas and add your contributions to continue to support our neighborhood.


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