Mount Washington Association Board - Nominees for 2012

Natalie Seaman

With the ghost of Halloween still lingering, a committee gathered to put together a MWA board for next year. A challenging hour-and-a-half later and some quick phone calls the next morning and we had a new board nominated. Of course, it was not that easy, as discussions had been going on for some time about bringing the "younger generation" into the MWA and an amazing group of activists ultimately agreed to come on the board.  With strong support from an experienced "core" we are looking forward to a fun new year!

Please come join us in a confirming vote for the new board.

Pilar Buelna – President

Nina Zippay - 1st VP Actions

Carol Jacques - 2nd VP Programs

Bennie Padilla - 3rd VP Membership

Natalie Seaman - 4th VP Hospitality

Anna Carpenter – Secretary

Greg Williams – Treasurer

Past President - Rob Schraff


One year left in term

  • Hank Shaeffer
  •  Eliot Sekuler
  •  Sharen Steele Herran

Two years left in term

  • Lynnette Kampe
  • Connie Rohman
  • Chet Hood

Three years left in term

  • Fernando Orozco
  • Shelly Schraff
  • Bill Rumble



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