Minutes of the May MWA General Membership Meeting

Bill Rumble

Vice President Natalie Seaman convened the meeting at 7:35 PM.

The following people made announcements on the indicated subjects:

  • Liberty Mesa (from the office of City Council Member Ed Reyes) regarding two community events – one on reform in the Department of Water and Power, the other on the development of York Blvd.
  • Lynelle Escudo (from the office of City Council Member José Reyes) introduced herself as the Council Member's representative for the Mount Washington community.
  • Pilar Buelna (Mount Washington School PTA President) on the upcoming Pancake Breakfast.
  • Lynette Kampe on the dangers of a plant referred to as "The Tree of Heaven".
  • Anna Carpenter on gardening projects in Mount Washington.

Michael Fisher of the Broadview Christian Science Sanitarium made a presentation on the Broadview Solar Array Project. Following his presentation, MWA members asked various questions of Mr. Fisher. Jannel (last name not recorded) of the office of Council Member Reyes made several comments regarding the Broadview project. She also stated that the Council Member would offer a motion, at the Los Angeles City Council meeting of September 21 that would have the effect of blocking construction on the project. MWA members commented on Jannel's statement and Council Member Reyes' motion. After the discussion, the following motion was unanimously passed by the body.

View of the Broadview Solar Array Project from the parking lot of Superior Groceries. Photo by Martha Benedict."The Mount Washington Association supports solar energy. The MWA supports the Broadview Solar Array Project. The MWA urges the Los Angeles City Council to be sensitive to the cost and delays, to the developer or homeowner, of the Environmental Review Process."

At the direction of the body, the Secretary emailed a copy of the above motion to the office of Council Member Reyes on September 20. He mailed a hard copy of the motion to the Council Member's office on September 21.

Local realtors Liz Johnson and Dan Mancinelli made a presentation on "The Condition of the Real Estate Market in Mount Washington." Following their comments, MWA members made comments and asked various questions.

Urban beekeeper and Mount Washington resident Max Wong made a presentation on urban beekeeping. Following her comments, MWA members made comments and asked various questions.

Carol Jacques announced the formation of a committee to nominate members for positions as officers and members of the board of directors in calendar year 2011.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.


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