Minutes of the March MWA General Membership Meeting

Bill Rumble

President Rob Schraff convened the meeting at 7:35 PM. He introduced David Fonseca, reporter for the Mount Washington/Highland Park Patch journal.

David Fonseca on "The Patch"

  • Patch is a national news organization, organized by cluster, and funded by AOL.
  • It operates a web site but is not a newsletter or blog.
  • "It's just like the community newspaper you grew up with, updated for the 21st Century."
  • David provided additional information and invited those interested to submit stories to him.

A question and answer session followed the presentation.

Jon Murga, owner of Fresco Community Market, introduced himself and his new grocery store

  • Jon lives on San Rafael Avenue in Mt. Washington.
  • He provided a brief history of Fresco Community Market and the Fresco Community Foundation.
  • He believes in a new business paradigm that develops a for-profit operation with a non-profit side.
  • Fresco Market employs and trains formerly homeless workers.
  • It will give back 15 to 20% of its profits to community institutions and charities.

A question and answer session followed the presentation.


  • Geneva Burleigh and Benny Padilla spoke regarding newsletter content/operations.
  • Pilar Buelna thanked the MWA for contributing to the planting in the MW Elementary School garden; she reminded everyone of the "Night of Comedy" fundraiser being put on by the Friends of Mt. Washington School on April 29 at the LA River Center.
  • Gloria Schneider reminded members of the Marmion Way beautification project on March 26 from 9 AM to 12 noon.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.



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