Minutes of the January MWA General Membership Meeting

Bill Rumble

Vice President Carol Jacques called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.

The membership approved the minutes of the previous meeting.


  • (By Eliot Sekuler) The Lummis Day Fundraiser will be on February 12. Professor/TV personality/Mt. Washington resident Ruben Martinez showing/commenting on his PBS film "When Worlds Collide." Also, showing of the film "Que Viva Mexico" by Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein. $15 admission.
  • (By Pilar Buelna) Mount Washington Elementary School has a new principal, Mrs. Valentino. She is interested in working with all elements of the community in an effort to define the mission of the school and assist the academic achievement of the students.
  • (By Fernando Orozco) Details regarding the upcoming Friends of Mount Washington School Fundraiser and a request, by all in attendance, to give strong support to the fundraiser.
  • (By Lynette Kampe) An invitation for members to attend the upcoming Elyria Canyon Work Party.

Warren Christiansen reported on the recent performance of the Chinese Opera Co. at Los Angeles Central High School for the Performing Arts.

Liberty Mesa, aide to Los Angeles City Council member José Huizar, installed the 2011 officers and Board of Directors of the Mount Washington Association.

Program: The Mount Washington Association Micro Farm Project

Presenters: Anna Carpenter and Connie Rohman.

Goal: Make progress on growing food in an urban environment.

Connie and Keith Rohman have volunteered their front yard. The land has been cleared, landscaped, and planter boxes erected. The first crops will be spinach, parsley, and chard. Later crops will be tomatoes and lettuce. Twenty percent of the grown products go to food banks, charities, or needy individuals. Fruit trees are scheduled to be planted in the back yard. Two to three crops per year are expected. "There's a lot of expertise on The Hill," the ladies say.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.



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