Micro Farm Update

Natalie Seaman

The MWA Micro Farm Group had a great meeting Saturday morning at Connie and Keith Rohman’s house and got to see for ourselves the success of last year’s project – a fabulous garden. For those of you who have been following this journey, you can tell by the photo that the results are impressive. We had a pep talk from Susan Heeger who, with co-author Jimmy Williams, recently released an inspirational book entitled “From Seed to Skillet” that provides guidance for budding home gardeners.  

We were so inspired that we decided to commit to a step-by-step garden workshop beginning this month. Our goal is to lead through providing direction, timelines and cheerleading to others who wish to get started with a home garden.  We did it once and it worked, we now want to help others through the process.  We realized we all have something to add, be it years of experience, or the perspective of an excited new gardener, or the willingness to “write it all down”. We have three willing participants who want to establish a garden – others are welcome and our goal is to expand our model throughout Mount Washington.  The first project meeting will be held on the evening of May 19th at Connie Rohman’s house; email Natalie.seaman@wellpoint.com if you wish to attend and want details.

As always, if you want more information, grab Anna Carpenter at the next MWA meeting for an update.



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