Marmion Way Beautification Project - It is Planting Time!!!

Anna Carpenter
When: Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 8 am until 11 am
Where: Marmion Way between Figueroa St. and Mount Washington Drive
What: It is finally time to plant drought tolerant native plants on the slope in the public right of way.
We will be planting more than 150 groundcover plants and accent shrubs and installing drip irrigation - starting near
Figueroa St and working northerly along Marmion Way.
Street Trees are also coming, but that work will be done be Los Angeles Conservation Corps and North East Trees crews.
Please come help. We need your support to get the work done and to match grant funding. If you can't make it on Nov. 22, there will is a follow up planting on Sat, Dec. 6.
Office of Community Beautification Grant, with ASNC, MWA, and MWHA as partners.

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