Lummis Doors Preserved, and There Was Much Rejoicing

Historical Society of Southern California

On Sept. 18, 2011 the Historical Society of Southern California (HSSC) held a Rebirthday to celebrate the completion of the preservation work on the entry doors. The work was completed by conservator John Griswold and his staff and funded by donations from the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, Highland Park Heritage Trust, Arroyo Arts Collective, and HSSC with matching funds from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Historical Society specially recognized Frank F. Parrello, city planner and preservationist, who organized and obtained the funding for the project.

Most importantly, the Historical Society celebrated the fact that they have focused their talent, energy, money, and good-will on saving this city-owned historical landmark. There is more work to be done in preserving the Lummis Home but with this level of support they are confident it can be accomplished.

HSSC assumed the stewardship of the Lummis Home in 1965. Since that time, they have been welcoming visitors without charge each and every weekend and have maintained the hundred year old structure as it was when Charles Lummis built it. Now they think it’s time that our own members have a special opportunity to enjoy the charm of our famous headquarters in a members only clubhouse atmosphere.

On the third Sunday of every month, after the visitors leave, the staff and the HSSC board of directors would like to offer as a new benefit of membership an informal reception. They will have a little music, wine and cheese and a chance to meet one another and talk about our common interest in history. They will invite authors, musicians, artists, architects, story-tellers and prominent people as their guests.

The restored doors of the Lummis Home. Credit the HSSC.


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