Letter from the Editor: Enjoy Writing About Mount Washington? Send Us Articles!

Beloved reader, we here at the august offices of the MWA Newsletter know which way the wind blows, and with the election (or infusion, if you will) of new management-y blood, the wind blows towards change. Of the many difficulties we face, there are three issues that demand immediate solution: (1) The website is not perfect. Sorry. Our bad. (2) Membership dues are difficult to extract with paper envelopes. Some sort of internet arrangement is required. See 1. (3) The bi-monthly scramble for articles is, while a source of deep comedy to us and our many minions, potentially indicative of over-worked author fatigue, and we often end up bogarting Kim’s articles off the Patch. (Thanks Kim!) We simply do not have enough writers. They probably fear our blood-lust.

Therefore, we propose a New Year’s Resolution: we will resume our website reconstruction, we will install a Paypal button and so – for your convenience – accept monies on “teh internets,” and we will actively seek new and/or additional columnists. This means you, literate readership! If you have something to say (preferably at least tangentially related to goings-on re: the Hill), and are able to say it sensibly, we would very much like you to join the team. We can’t pay you in anything but gratitude, but when it comes to it, be assured that we have a never-ending supply.

If you find yourself moved by our plea, and have a brilliant idea for an article, please email us at sricasea@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can also call us at (323) 221-9807, but keep in mind that the troll-like resident hates the telephone and will probably hide under a pillow until the dreadful ringing stops. Prepare for an answering machine and all will be well.

From all of us here at the MWA Newsletter, we hope that your New Year is progressing pleasantly, and we remind you that it’s never too early to prepare for the coming apocalypse. Good luck!


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