La Casita Verde Child Development Center to Begin Acoustic Remediation

Pat Griffith

While everyone at La Casita Verde was aware that the Preschool Room could get really loud when all the children were fully engaged, it wasn’t until the first visit by our local Head Start agency, Kedren Community Center, that we discovered the noise level didn’t meet Head Start standards for physical surroundings.  This set off a process of determining exactly how to ameliorate the acoustic effects of the room’s very high peaked ceiling in the most efficient and affordable manner possible, and so ensure that the preschoolers attending La Casita are best served.

Thanks to our first donors for this project, the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, Mount Washington Preschool & Child Care Centers is now embarking on the first phase, which will create a report that outlines the work required to solve the problem.  Because the building is owned by the City of Los Angeles, every effort must be made to follow the city’s required procedures to maintain the character and quality of this historic asset.  With the help of HFK Constructors and a certified acoustic engineer, this phase will test and create simulations of the sound data, then outline the best method to meet the Head Start standards.

As there are many steps to modifying City property, and even though this is on the only non-historic room at this beautiful historic site, we expect this project will be fully completed in the Fall.The ASNC support will pay for approximately half the cost of the testing and report, and Mt. Washington Preschools is actively working to raise the remainder, including the cost of the expected construction.

La Casita Verde serves about 50 Infant through Pre-K children in Northeast LA in the historic Ziegler Estate on Figueroa. It is managed by Mount Washington Preschool & Child Care Centers (MWPCCC) and has been continuously supported by the Mount Washington Association. MWPCCC is a community-based, non-profit organization, whose mission is to create, manage and sustain developmentally appropriate, high quality, available, culturally sensitive pre-school childcare in our diverse community.  or



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