Hike the Jack Smith Trail

Lynnette Kampe

This year the Jack Smith Trail Walk falls on May 1st as we celebrate 16 years of getting a springtime tune-up hike while fondly remembering former resident Jack Smith, the Los Angeles Times columnist who wrote with wry humor about life, the English language and his observances of Mount Washington. God and Mr. Gomez is perhaps his best known book while Cat, Dogs and other Strangers at my Door focuses on his experiences as a resident of Mount Washington. The Jack and Denise Smith Multi-purpose Room at the Mount Washington Elementary School is in part due to the generosity of Denise Smith who found it a fitting way to remember his love of language and caring for the community.

Guided walks will depart from the tunnel entrance of the Southwest Museum, 234 Museum Dr. at 9:00 and 9:30 on May 1st, the first Sunday after Easter in 2011. Pets on leashes are welcome. The trail will be marked by trail signs with Grackles, a long-tailed bird that – to the consternation of serious birders – Jack reported seeing swooping down Mount Washington Canyon, causing a multi-year conversation that delighted those with a sense of humor.

The full four mile walk will feature views of green hills, wildflowers and, if we’re in luck, snowy mountains. There will be a rest stop with water and refreshments at Mount Washington Elementary School.  Feel free to jump in or peel off at any point as you pass the route to your house if you’re a Mount Washington resident. The Seaview Avenue loop at the top of the hill is a fun easy walk with wonderful views.


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