Goodbye 45th Assembly District

Carol Jacques

For as long as I can remember, I have lived in the 45th Assembly District (AD)  I was born and raised in Chavez Ravine, grew up in the Mission Junction area of Silver Lake, and have also resided in Echo Park, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights, Atwater (before it was a village) and, now, in Mount Washington. 

During my adult life, the 45th AD has been represented by Richard Alatorre, Jackie Goldberg, Antonio Villaraigosa, Kevin de Leon and Gil Cedillo. These assembly members have been instrumental in the conservation of such northeast LA green spaces as Elyria Canyon and Ascot Parks and the development of the Los Angeles State Historic and El Rio de Los Angeles State Parks in the Los Angeles River corridor. Our descendants will enjoy these areas for generations. I call these green spaces, which connect the LA River and the Arroyo Seco to Downtown, the "NELA Emerald Necklace."  I am grateful to each assembly member for contributing to a better and greener 45th AD. 

Due to redistricting, the 45th AD no longer exists. I now reside in the newly-created 51st Assembly District. I actually like this AD better than the old one because it has kept most of our great communities together, as well as adding all of Eagle Rock.

Incumbent assembly member Gil Cedillo will retire from office, this year, due to term limits. Voters in the new 51st AD will choose a replacement for him. Three of the leading candidates to replace him, in alphabetical order, are: Arturo Chavez, Jimmy Gomez and Luis Lopez. I cannot tell you who my favorite candidate is now because the Mount Washington Association does not endorse candidates. It is our job to inform the community. It is your job to research each candidate and vote for the best candidate. Your vote is important so our communities can continue to evolve and progress. 

We have invited the 51st AD candidates to the MWA March 19 meeting. This will be an opportunity for you to meet the leading candidates and find out where they stand on the important issues.  


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