Go Green for Mount Washington School

Pilar Buelna

There’s a new group in town: the Green Team, lead by dedicated parent Libby Morris.  Every Monday morning, she and members of the Green Team stand outside the school gate with bins to collect recyclables.  You see, their goal is to raise $5,000 for the school through recycling, and in the process help the environment.

The community is invited to join in this effort and bring recyclables to the school on Monday mornings or to collect them and call for pick up. Each and every soda can and water bottle is worth 5 cents.  Plastic and glass bottles are also worth cash. So far, the Green Team is well on its way to a very successful year of collecting $60 - $70 a week.  They are aiming for $100 a week and are sure the community can rise to the occasion. 

Another green effort, not related to recycling but to raising funds, is our partnership with Fresh & Easy.  Every year, Mount Washington School participates in the Fresh & Easy Shop for Schools program where the school earns $1 for every $20 Fresh & Easy receipt collected until December 31.  The more receipts collected, the more money our school earns.  You are invited to join this effort and drop off your receipts at a box in the school’s Parent Center.  The top school receives a $5,000 award in addition to the funds collected through the receipts.

Imagine: our combined efforts could yield $10,000 for our school.  See you Monday mornings with your recyclables and Fresh & Easy receipts.

For recyclables pick-up information, please contact Libby at waysandmeans1@mwpta.org or (323) 340 4031.


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