Food Drive

Maria Gray

Holidays are all about tradition.  Here in Mount Washington our tradition for many years has been to support the North East Mental Health Clinic with a Holiday Food Drive.

The clinic is located on Via Marisol and supports individuals and families in the area who have been affected by mental illness.  Mental illness often leaves the sufferer unable to cope with many aspects of daily life which can lead to the entire family suffering hardship and hunger.  The food we donate in December and throughout the year helps soften the worry of where the next meal is coming from.

Please help us continue this very worthwhile tradition by dropping off your donations at the corner of Elyria and San Rafael on Saturday, December 4th, between 9 and 11 AM.  Contributions should be non-perishable items, such as beans, rice, pasta, canned tuna and salmon etc.  If you have any questions please call Maria Gray at 225-4256.  We look forward to seeing you December 4th and starting the holiday tradition together.


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