Flying Pigeon and Figueroa Bike Lane

Anna Carpenter

Exciting news! Figueroa is slated to get a bikeway running from Eagle Rock to Cypress Park, and of course the very popular bike store Flying Pigeon (located next to La Abeja restaurant on Figueroa) is spearheading the efforts to organize the public input and suggestions.

Figueroa the new Amsterdam?

“We'd like to get organized to see the bikeway installed, but also to see that the project is designed to increase safety, reduce street noise, improve local business, bring neighbors together, improve bus travel, link community assets, and in general not simply be a strip of paint - but a reason to re-think this most vital of roads through North East Los Angeles,” says Joseph Bray-All, co-owner of the bike shop. Sounds great to me, what do you think? Joseph has a lot of good ideas and if you want to know more or get involved, you can either drop by his store or read up on his website under the August articles “Re-thinking North Figueroa Street, one vegan black bean slider at a time” at You will also discover in the process a whole new world of fun biking tours, information, and paraphernalia.


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