A family's history remembered: Cypress Park & Mt. Washington

Some people say you don't appreciate something until its gone.   I have different story...

My mother grew up in  Cypress Park  in the 1930's.  She attended  Aragon Elementary and graduated from Lincoln High School.  In those days it was primarily an Italian neighborhood where families spoke Italian so that all the children regardless of their ethnic backgroud "spoke a little Italian."  My mother's family was English dominant and the children could understand but not speak Spanish.  In those days children were punished if they spoke anything but English.  

After WWII one of my uncles came to live on Mt. Washington and I remember coming to play at the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center.  It seemed important to my uncle for my brother and I to remember to say the letter G so as to say Mr. Smith's name correctly. 

Now my time came to purchase a home and where did my husband and I look?  Mt. Washington of course! We were certain we wanted  1.  a view    2. fireplace.  Anything else would be a plus.   We saw two homes and the second one was the home we purchased and where I have lived as they say, "since God was a boy."

How fortunate we are to be surrounded by such a life-giving natural environment...to arrive home to the tranquil, serene setting where one moment we can see the hawks soaring on the thermals high above or hear the beating of hummingbird wings or the loud cawing of the crows.  Or how about the 3:00 a.m. running back and forth on the roof by two noisy racoons who must be enjoying themselves to no end.  In the fall of 2010 a pair of coyotes made their den below the towers right next to my backyard.  It was a thrill to see the pair and later their offspring running down the hill. 

Many years ago I was awakened by running feet and could not get back to sleep even after silently pleading with them to get off the roof.   So  I got up, went outside with a high-beam flashlight, aimed it at the roof and hoped they would get the message.  As I closed the door I intuitively looked up at the celestial window.  What I saw will forever fill me with wonder and awe.  There in the middle of the night high up on my rooftop were two most angelic, beautiful little raccoon faces looking right at me!   I told them that I needed to sleep and that it was time to get off the roof.  They did, and I easily got back to sleep.  There are of course other animal stories--like the baby red tailed hawk who flew into and broke that same celestial window and landed on the floor of my entry hall broken glass and all...but alas, that is for another time. (It was picked-up by Animal Control, well taken care of and later released back to it's family here on the top of Mt. Washington.)

Now these many years later I have left our beloved Mt. Washington.  I have having to rent my Top of Mt. Washington Mid-Century Ranch Home and am currently looking for a family who will care for my home as I have, folks who will appreciate and respect the essence of nature as we do.    My home was originally built as a haven for a retired couple with two small flat yards.  The view is gone so now one gets to enjoy an expansive view of sky, the gentle breezes whistling through pine trees and of course the abundance of wildlife.

I do believe we are all connected by Six Degrees of Separation or less.  One of you who is reading this will know the person who should live in my home at the top of Mt. Washington.  Here are my requirements:

$2,575.  per month with $2,000. security deposit.   $50. credit check.  I prefer a long term lease with persons who have excellent credit.

Included in 2BR/1B home: all large kitchen and laundry appliances, fireplace with gas logs, mandated LAFD brush clearance, quarterly roof & rain gutter cleaning, 2 car garage, 1950's retro kitchen and bath.  Photos  are on the Westside Rentals.com site.  Serious prospects can send  contact info to: ggomez888@yahoo.com

Many thanks,







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